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Accounting and Taxation Services

Proper taxation and accounting services are of crucial importance for business owners as they possess the power to determine the success and future of business ventures. With real expertise in taxation and accounting becoming more vital than ever now, we, The C&C Accounting Company, provide our clients with the needed advice to guide them through most complex areas related to accounting and taxation and help them take wise accounting decisions. We not only stay up-to-date with the modern technologies that are there surrounding accounting and tax but also possess the experience and knowledge needed to advise you on the right course of action.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Considering the present business environment, it can be concluded that up-to-date and accurate financial information is a must. And the C&C Accounting Company offers you just this. Utilizing modern technologies, we offer you all assistance regarding your accounting and bookkeeping needs. Taking care of all your bookkeeping and accounting works, we offer professional advice along with assistance in periodic management of accounts, making of annual reports, undertaking an unbiased approach in recording transactions and many more.


Managing all interactions with the taxation office, we ensure that your tax position is optimized and all your returns are right. Understanding the importance of having the right advice regarding the different aspects of taxation, we, The C&C Accounting Company, offers professional advice on Capital Gains, Payroll Tax, Income Tax, PAYG, GST, Fringe Benefits Tax, etc. along with handling high wealth reviews, audits, and other disputes on behalf of yours. No matter how complex or challenging tax issues you face, we are here to help you out with the most appropriate, acceptable and innovative solutions.


Just as for farming people an In-depth knowledge and experience are necessary for running a farming business successfully; for their accountants, the same becomes necessary as well. Whether you run a small farm or has inherited a huge farming business, farming is a completely different type of business altogether, managing your account properly becomes crucial. And The C&C Accounting Company is always there to guide you through every accounting decision you need to make related to farming, ensuring that you never fail to manage your wealth.

Yes, from any kind of assistance regarding taxation to cash flow, accountancy, seasonal planning, insurance, borrowing, measurement and reporting, risk mitigation and making developing plans related to retirement, wills, and estate, we provide you with all.


When it comes to managing the control of tax positions optimization of your investments or family business and also of the valuable assets, the role that trusts perform is crucial. And we, The C&C Accounting Company, having experience in the application and administration of the same, undertake the vast range of beliefs related services such as trust deed update, asset management, trust deed reviewing, taxation, income distribution, trust formation, etc.


For years, despite being active in the world of cryptocurrencies, many users have faced difficulties in understanding their tax obligations related to cryptocurrencies. This digital asset is new and complex; therefore, it requires professionals for thorough understanding. And The C&C Accounting company, is proud to inform you that we possess the knowledge and expertise required for helping you get a clear picture of cryptocurrency, ensuring that you abide by the laws that are there regarding using cryptocurrency while assisting you with the necessary advice on tax-affairs related to cryptocurrency to achieve a considerable tax saving. Always keeping a close tab on the continuously evolving space of cryptocurrency, we assist you with all your taxation and accounting related queries and complexities for a smooth experience in managing your virtual currency.

Chief Financial Officer

The initial years of starting any company are considered to be the most difficult. While you, as a business owner, focus more on the operational sides, your business becomes vulnerable than ever as the importance of taking the right financial decisions is simply ignored. To help you out from the daunting responsibilities of managing both sides, we, The C&C Accounting Company, are here to function as a CFO or Chief Financial Officer who thoroughly understands all aspects related to finance, tax and accounting and takes care of your finance and accounting decisions. Staying connected with your business 24X7, we function as a virtual financial officer for your business, that also for a fraction of the amount you otherwise pay to a full-time accounting employee.

Secretarial Services

To make sure that you never fail to comply with all the legislated administrative duties, we offer professional secretarial services to take care of the same. With The C&C Accounting Company, being there to advise you on different aspects of company formation, company dissolution, company regulations, statutory records maintenance, resolutions and minutes are preparing and share transfers, and now you can pay more attention to generating profits as we will be taking care of all secretarial responsibilities.