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Business Services

The various business services offered by C & C Accounting are meant to help you build and maintain your business better. Uncovering new opportunities and addressing possible business challenges, we help you take your business forward. Our technical excellence, combined with a proactive approach, strategic planning, fresh perspectives, and timely advice, ensure that your business reaches its potential.

Business Start-Ups

We help you turn your feasible ideas into a business by informing you about all the possible financing options, financing programs and financing strategies that best fit your venture. To fuel the growth of your start-up venture, C&C Accounting not only offers constant on-going support but also takes care of all the regulatory paperwork along with advising and assisting you with necessary budgets, plans and the right structure for your start-up venture.

Cash Flow Management

We can manage, plan and provide you with accurate cash flow forecast reports to secure your business and ensure steady and healthy cash flow.

Remember, even a profitable business can suffer due to poor cash flow. But C&C Accounting lets avoid experiencing unlikely operational constraints due to cash flow issues. By forecasting accurate cash flow estimations, evaluating every possible cash flow situation, and developing strategies we help you make the wisest financing decisions related to tax payments, stock control, business expansion, creditor payments, and other expenses.


Budgeting can be one of the most crucial management tools making an actual difference between the failure and success of a business in the future. A reliable budget is something every lender or investors look forward to before determining their investments.

Therefore, C&C Accounting makes sure that your business has a perfectly designed budget that can not only better shape your business but provide it with the needed guidance throughout the financial year.

From reviewing your business budget to offering you the right budget advice and modeling the right budget, we offer maximum professional guidance at every step to ensure a successful financial future for your business.

Financial Officer

The initial years are the most vulnerable ones for any business. Though it is the operational side of the business that usually occupies the maximum of your attention, it is the financial decisions taken during this time that determines the survival and success of your business in the following years. Therefore, what you need is a person who can make the best financing decisions for your business, and that's where we come in.

Yes, acting as a Financial Officer with the right knowledge and understanding of accounting, finance, and taxations, we offer the needed finance advice 24X7 for a price that is a lot cheaper than hiring an actual full-time finance person.

Industry Benchmarking

Staying up-to-date with business processes, best practices and performance metrics of your competitors in the industry always gives you the upper hand and provides you with crucial business management insights.

C&C Accounting having access to these business statistics for the majority of industries worldwide, we help you set accurate business goals by informing you about the performance of your competitors and industry bests. By benchmarking your business, we help you boost your business efficiency and develop more effective business strategies.

Succession Planning

To ensure that your wealth doesn't get disputed or dissipated during its transition to the next generation, a proper succession plan for your business, as well as personal assets, is a must. Understanding this very importance of sound succession planning, we help you to opt for a well-planned succession. Be it arranging the legal documents necessary for making the right succession plan effective or setting the objectives of your succession plan right, we offer our complete assistance to make sure that all your liabilities are met and all your assets are well-protected.

Secretarial Services

To help our clients mitigate and manage the risks associated with corporate non-compliance and focus more on generating profits, we offer top-class corporate secretarial services.

    Our corporate secretarial services include:
  • Offering advice and insight into every aspect of the company regulations
  • Ensuring all statutory fees and returns are submitted and are being maintained
  • Offering the needed support to build or even dissolve a company
  • Ensuring annual returns are filed
  • Taking care of share transfers
  • Preparing resolutions and meeting minutes


For the retirement benefit of your employees, managing the growth of your wealth is crucial. With us, C&C Accounting, now you can receive the best and wide array of superannuation services. Providing you with the right investment advice, we make sure that all your taxation, accounting, and superannuation audits are done right.