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Farm Services

Different expenses and income sources are involved in operating farming. Though the rewards of farming, both emotionally and financially, can be rewarding; Still, there are various challenges associated with it as well. Being subject to the whims of mother nature, excruciating hard work, you need to protect and maximize the returns that you receive from farming as soon as possible.

A trusted Finance and Accounting Advisor to many, C & C Accounting company understands the importance of farming to you and your family and therefore, offers a vast range of financial advice to the farming families.

Farm Accounting

To better understand the performance of the different sectors of your farming business, you need a professional by your side who can guide you and provide you with the necessary advice for understanding profitability and how to ensure it. From offering services like seasonal farming planning to farm disposals and farm acquisitions, cash flows, and budgeting, and preparing financial statements, C&C Accounting helps you grow and run your farming business successfully.


When it comes to farming, investing becomes an unrepeatable part of it. But have you ever thought of investing your resources and time on different non-farming properties, such as deposits, shares? Well, the right investment decision guarantees higher returns on savings. And that’s why we have brought to the professional investment advice that can help you continue living the way you do now even when you choose to move off the farming tomorrow.

Stop only depending on your present personal and farm fortunes and prepare for tomorrow as well with C&C Accounting by knowing everything about investments like the needed amount of cash for making an investment, ensuring an income to live on, offering the right security when borrowing and many more.


Managing all your interactions with the taxation departments, C&C Accountants ensures optimized tax position and right returns for you. Ys, filing taxes for your farming business can get complicated and fast. However, with our professional advice on taxation compliance, you can not only take maximum advantage of available tax breaks but can also ensure never missing out on any tax rules and developing the best taxation strategy.

At C&C Accounting Co., you get professional advice on all the different aspects of taxation such as Fringe Benefit Tax, Payroll Tax, Income Tax, GST, Capital Gains Tax, PAYG, along with professional handling of trusts, wealth reviews, audits.

Succession planning

Often it has been noticed that doing the right success planning is avoided in farming families due to its inherent complexities. However, what people fail to understand that a proper succession plan functions just like the right life plan ensures a better future. Whether you opt for succession planning before an event or not, succession planning must be done carefully. We are doing the right succession planning for you by understanding and considering all the dynamics and needs of your family while paying maximum attention to the related complex financial as well as legal structures.

When it comes to doing succession planning in the right way, there are no templates as such which makes relying on knowledgeable and expert insights more important. We make sure that you receive the professional and proficient guidance you have always wanted to make your succession planning and the implementation of them a smooth and gratifying experience.

Wills and Estates

An ideal succession or life plan is the one that makes sure your property or wealth doesn’t fall over even if you do. Whether it’s estates or wills, there should not be any place for any omission or mistake of any kind that you might regret later. We understand the significance of creating the right wills and other legal end-of-life documents, offer you the needed guidance and advice for creating appropriate wills that can ensure the exact execution of your succession plans as well as your life purpose.


Superannuation is always crucial for everyone, even the farming people, as it helps individuals in creating an incentive for accumulating wealth that assists tremendously in supporting them throughout their retirement phase. And you can get all kind of guidance you need from us to start building your wealth faster. Whether it’s about knowing the right timing or the assets or about how much your feed needs to be in making the most out of this life planning tool i.e. superannuation, we offer advice on them all.